Jhula Swings

Today, jhulas have been designed in various shapes and are available in swing sets for children as swings are popular among them. Since time immemorial, jhulas/swings have been created and used in various shapes, sizes and concepts. They were used both in India and in other countries and were termed with different names. Apart from just a recreational object, a jhula was even used in various places like parks, palaces, playgrounds and so on. The royal clans had jhulas in their gardens and balconies.

Apart from just a traditional aspect, a jhula was also associated to toddlers wherein they were put to sleep in a jhula in every house and even today most homes have jhulas to put their babies to sleep. Jhulas were made out of different materials like a sari, a cloth, a rope, fibre, metal, wood and so on. They are also used in places like a circus for amusement and a porch for relaxation. The seat of a jhula can be suspended with a chain or a rope and when the swing is in motion, it continues to oscillate like a pendulum until it is halted.Having a jhula in a home is a must as it is a part of the furniture which most of us are not aware about. Currently there are arrays of designs which are implied on every jhula and most of them are made out of wood and carved with beautiful designs. You can also get a jhula customised and place in your balcony.